Montessori High

Project description

Montessori Hi! (Монтесори Хай!) is a nursery school embracing the Montessori educational approach with focus on respect for a child’s independence and natural development. It is located in Gorna Bania district at the foot of Vitosha Mountain in Sofia in a spacious house, designed and built to be the special Prepared Environment of Doctor Maria Montessori’s ideas. Everything is in proportion to the children and their needs, arranged to facilitate movement and activity in beautiful and harmonic surroundings, using only natural materials. The food is organic and the kids grow different vegetables and plants in the sunny yard. The education bears the spirit of respect for the Earth and life on natural laws. The identity embodies Montessori’s principle that Nature does not make a difference between work and play or occupation and rest and all creation is life, movement, work.

Project details