European Dairy Heritage Campaign

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European Dairy Heritage Campaign
From the land beyond the mountains noble ones come to your table. Pure milk runs in their veins and they possess a soul as old as the land itself. For millennia they rule over the taste of all old and young, poor and wealthy, and the reign is fortunate, delicious, full of energy and bliss for all who ever taste the majesty of True Bulgarian Cheeses.

The European Dairy Heritage is a three-year program targeted to enhance the image and increase the consumption and demand for European dairy products in Germany and Spain. The program’s objectives are accomplished through a combination of targeted information and promotion actions: electronic and printed media, participation in exhibitions, public relations actions, sampling, and product presentations. The concept of the campaign Their Majesties the Cheeses is to present and popularize the original Bulgarian names Sirene and Kashkaval to distinguish them from all others in the variety of the cheeses of Europe.
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