Semana Coquette


Semana is a premium fabric softener brand launched in 2002. It targets women with modern views who want to add extra quality and indulgence to their everyday life and love variety and trying new things.

Semana Coquette is a symbol of femininity, style and charm. The packaging design leads the way to a world of aromatic experiences charged with emotions, good mood and pleasure. Coquette edition is a five-product range of fabric softeners with thermo-foil sleeved flacons. The 360° artwork, illustrated in a post-vintage manner speaks for the aroma, mystery and charisma of a motley boudoir.

  •   CLIENT: FS (Ficosota Company)
  •   LANDING: 2012
  •   thermo-foil sleeve packaging
  •   I.H.Stoilov (CD, GD), R. Peshev (AD, GD), V. Toulevska (PM, CS)
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